Trigun & Trigun Maximum

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Trigun & Trigun Maximum
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This article is a stub and is missing information.

Trigun (トライガン, Toraigan) and Trigun Maximum (トライガンマキシマム, Toraigan Makishimamu) are the names given to the original Trigun manga, released between 1995 and 2009. The series was published initially as Trigun in 3 volumes by Shonen Captain Comics Special and then as two volumes by Young King Comics, and for 14 more volumes as Trigun Maximum, also published by Young King Comics. Originally printed as a shonen series in Monthly Shonen Captain[1], the series moved to Young King Ours[2] (and the seinen genre) when Monthly Shonen Captain folded in 1997.


Trigun consists of 21 chapters (including the prologue) and 2 "Bonus Tracks," consisting of the pilot and the side story "DAY IN DAY OUT," for a grand total of 23 chapters. For all Trigun chapters, see list of Trigun chapters.

Trigun Maximum consists of 96 chapters and 1 spin-off story, "FREED BIRD," for a total of 97 chapters. For all Trigun Maximum chapters, see list of Trigun Maximum chapters.



First Release - Shonen Captain Comics Special
Second Release - Young King Comics

Trigun Maximum

Omnibus Re-release

Trigun and Trigun Maximum was reprinted in omnibus format. These releases featured new cover artwork by Yasuhiro Nightow. The original Japanese release included a new series of bonus comics called "Bullet Dance Saloon."[3]


The Dark Horse English is consists of only six volumes, condensing all of Trigun into one volume and Trigun Maximum into five volumes. The new series of bonus comics was omitted from this release.



Trigun Ultimate Overhaul is a non-profit fan project dedicated to updating the English translation to be more accurate and coherent as well as provide clean, high-quality scans of the pages.[4]