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Series Trigun
Japanese Name DAY IN DAY OUT
English Name DAY IN DAY OUT
English Name
(Dark Horse)
English Name
Chapter No.
Chapter No.
Trigun Maximum
Chapter No.
Pages 12
Written By
Illustrated By
Written & Illustrated By Yasuhiro Nightow
Serialized In Monthly Shonen Captain
Date December 1995[1]
Magazine Issue #130[1]
Published In Trigun Volume 3
Trigun Volume 2
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DAY IN DAY OUT is a side story chapter of Trigun.


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An unknown narrator describes a regular day in Vash's life. In a hotel, Vash wakes up early in the morning the moment his alarm clock goes off. Next, he meditates on the subjects of life and love for three seconds. Vash then tosses an egg in the air, quickly drawing his gun and skillfully catches and balances the falling egg on the top, right at the front sight. He trains and exercises for three hours before frying the egg. Vash leaves his hotel room where the woman in the lobby greets him as Mr. Smith. The narrator is momentarily confused, but as Vash reads the newspaper and eats breakfast, the narrator recalls that he was using the alias "Mr. John P. Smith."



Several scenes were adapted into episode 10 of the anime, "QUICK DRAW:"

  • Vash's morning routine and the training montage in his hotel room. The narration was changed from third person to Vash's inner monologue in the episode.
  • Vash's interactions with the kids in town.

The character Sodom in episode 6, "LOST JULY," may have been named after the character in this chapter.


  • This side story chapter is not numbered, but was serialized after chapter 6, "DIE HARDS," and was followed by chapter 7, "REM."