Trigun Volume 2

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Trigun Volume 2 (SC Special)
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This article is about the Shonen Captain Comics Special publication of Trigun Volume 2. For the Young King Comics publication, see Trigun Volume 2.
Trigun Volume 2
Series Trigun
Written By Yasuhiro Nightow
Serialized In
Japanese Publisher Tokuma Shoten[1]
Publication Date October 30, 1996[1]
US Publisher
US Publication Date
Volume Number 2
Number of Chapters 7
6 story, 1 bonus
Number of Pages
Previous Volume Trigun Volume 1
Next Volume Trigun Volume 3

Trigun Volume 2 is the second volume of Trigun as published under Shonen Captain Comics Special.



# Japanese
8 デュエリスト
9 そして荒野と空の間を
10 リアル・アルカディア
11 息子
12 命の川
特別編 パイロット版 TRI GUN

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