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Style Guide

(wip page/draft)

Basic Guidelines

  • Articles should be written in third person.
  • Articles should be written with a more formal/professional tone. Please refrain from goofing and meme-ing.
  • Articles should be written to convey information about the series and only information. Please refrain from inserting your opinions, theories, headcanons, etc. or letting them influence your writing.
  • Synopsis sections should be written in present tense.
  • Use the discussion pages to leave notes about what needs to be worked on/added in the article instead of on the article page itself.
  • Please briefly note what changes were made in the "Summary" area of editor whenever editing a page.

Page Titles

If multiple subjects have the same title, use the following to distinguish their page titles:


  • (character) - only if they have no counterpart in other continuities.

If multiple versions of the character exist:

  • (anime) - 1998 anime continuity
    • (Badlands Rumble) - ONLY appears in Badlands Rumble and shares a name with a different existing character
  • (manga) - Trigun (manga) & Trigun Maximum continuity
  • (Stampede) - 2023 anime continuity



  • (episode)
    • (1998 episode)
    • (Stampede episode)


  • (chapter)
    • (Trigun chapter)
    • (Maximum chapter)

Book title:

  • (book)


  • (song)


  • (album)
  • (single)

Audio drama:

  • (drama)

Real people on the production staff/cast:

  • (role in production)
    • example: Satoshi Nishimura (director)


  • (type of company)
    • example: Madhouse (animation studio)

Additional title clarifications can be added as needed.

Disambiguations & Redirects

  • Whenever a page is made that uses a shared name for any reason mentioned above, please start a disambiguation page.
  • It is recommended that redirect pages are made for variations of spellings/titles/names.

Types of Pages

Character pages

Organization pages - wip

Episode pages - coming soon

Chapter pages - coming soon


  • Use citations & link your references please! We want to make sure our information is as accurate as possible.

Best Sources:

For Canon Information:

  • The actual anime episodes/movie and manga chapters.
    • For English translations of Trigun (manga) and Trigun Maximum, refer only to the Overhaul (preferred) and Dark Horse official translations.

For Credits:

  • Credits included in the actual anime/chapters/magazines/books/album liners/merchandise packaging/etc.
    • Anime News Network typically includes lists of all the credits, though they should be double checked against the actual show credits.

Other information:

  • Interviews with people who worked on the series.
  • Official websites for the series; companies involved in producing/distributing the series; venues/events/conventions where series-related events (panels, screenings, interviews, gallery shows, etc.) were hosted.
    • Use the Wayback Machine to find archived versions of these sites if they are no longer online.
  • The Trigun Anime Art Book & Trigun Archives book. Both of these books are primarily in Japanese, so only use information you actually are able to read/reliably translate!
  • "Monthly Satellite Times" inserts from the Japanese Laserdisc & VHS releases. As these are in Japanese, only use information you can reliably translate.

Iffy Sources:

  • Wikipedia
    • Check the References sections and use those sources instead.
    • DO NOT use uncited information used in their articles.
  • The BESM/D20 Trigun Fan Guides. Best used as a starting point for research. There are multiple errors in these guides. Notable errors can be pointed out in the Notes section of a page.
  • Magazine articles. These can range in quality/accuracy so use discretion.
  • Print advertisements/promos. These may contain outdated or inaccurate information if changes were made after printing the ad.

Do Not Use:

  • The Fandom Trigun Wiki, as there is a lot of blatantly incorrect information, presented without sources. Additionally, Fandom has recently implemented an AI feature that is giving incorrect information. As it stands now, this is NOT a trustworthy source.
    • In addition, we do not want to steal work done by others. We are unaffiliated with the Fandom Trigun wiki.
  • The old Trigun Maximum "Maximum7" English fan translation.
  • The gameplay related sections of the of the BESM/D20 Trigun Fan Guides.
  • Fanon/fan theories/fan terminology. If it didn't originate from an official source that can be cited, do NOT use it!


Please try and add the following information, if known, when uploading an image:

  • Source where an image was found.
  • For anime screenshots, add the series, episode name, and the release the screenshot was taken from.
  • For manga panels, add the series, chapter number, page number, and release the panel was taken from.
  • For scans, add the name of the release it was scanned from and credit who did the scan, if known.
  • If any edits were made to the image, state what they were (i.e. cropped, stitched screenshots, removed background).
  • Keep the image sizes smaller, as the wiki code has errors generating thumbnails for images with large dimensions. For best results, keep the dimensions below 3000px.

Do Not Use:

  • Fanart.