Gazelle the Peacemaker (The Planet Gunsmoke)

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Trigun The Planet Gunsmoke (Kaiyodo)/Gazelle the Peacemaker
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The name or term "Peacemaker" refers to more than one concept. For a list of other uses, see Peacemaker (disambiguation).
This article is about the Planet Gunsmoke figure. For the character, see Gazelle the Peacemaker.
Gazelle the Peacemaker
Series Trigun The Planet Gunsmoke
Character Gazelle the Peacemaker
Mold variants
Repaints Black Beast
Designer Yasuhiro Nightow
Sculptor Yamaguchi Katsuhisa
Type Action figure
Scale 1/12
Material PVC
Packaging type Carded blister pack
Manufacturer Kaiyodo
Country Japan

Package biography


Black Beast repaint



  • The character Gazelle the Peacemaker is original to the Planet Gunsmoke toyline.
  • The original release of Gazelle's Black Beast repaint was recalled due to being shipped with missing parts. Kaiyodo offered exchanges and replacements to customers who received the defective toys.[1]