Trigun The Planet Gunsmoke (Kaiyodo)

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Trigun The Planet Gunsmoke
Manufacturer Kaiyodo
Country Japan
Designer Yasuhiro Nightow
Scale 1/12
Material ABS/PVC
First release March 3, 2000
Last release 2005
This article is about the Kaiyodo toyline. For other uses of "Trigun The Planet Gunsmoke", see Trigun The Planet Gunsmoke (disambiguation).

Trigun The Planet Gunsmoke is a toyline by Kaiyodo.


The World

Over a century has passed already since hundreds of immigrating spaceships had fallen on the planet. Under the scorching dual suns and hot sand raging in the wind, people barely survive on  the surface of the planet, dependent on the technology left on the spaceships. In an environment exposed to severe thirst and hunger, what rules this harsh world are the most fundamental concepts of survival. In the smell of blood and gunsmoke. Violence takes the shape of lead bullets and rules the land. Entrusting their lives to ugly but beautiful steel weapons, the scoundrels begin their feast again today...


Character Variants Repaints
Vash the Stampede Shades

No shades

Sinister Black version (both variants) [1]

Crystal Clear Version (Wonderfest 2004) (glasses)

Nicholas D. Wolfwood Regular


Wonderfest 2000 Exclusive
Meryl Stryfe
Monev the Gale Wonderfest 2001 Exclusive[2]

Sub-Zero Attack (Diamond Comics Exclusive)[3] Phantom Cyborg (Hyper Hobby Exclusive)[4]

Gazelle the Peacemaker Black Beast
Kuroneko-sama Sitting (included with Vash)

Hanging on (included with Meryl)

Mischievous eyes (Sitting variant only, included with Sinister Black version Vash)