Meryl Stryfe (The Planet Gunsmoke)

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Trigun The Planet Gunsmoke (Kaiyodo)/Meryl Stryfe
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Meryl Stryfe
Series Trigun The Planet Gunsmoke
Character Meryl Stryfe
Mold variants
Designer Yasuhiro Nightow
Sculptor Teraoka Kuniaki
Type Action figure
Scale 1/12
Material ABS/PVC
Packaging type Carded blister pack
Released July 2002
Manufacturer Kaiyodo
Country Japan

Package biography

Vash the Stampede is the first human ever designated as a regional disaster. Bernadelli Insurance Group dispatched their agents In order to cope with this brand new case. Their mission is to observe Vash 24 hours a day, and confirm, report, and fully evaluate the disaster damages. They are to interrupt the activities of the target in order to prevent any further damage before they occur. One after another, many agents declined this mission due to its dangerous nature, but she accepted it with a clear determination of justice. On the outside she looks like a thin girl of Asian descent, but she is a woman who dares to travel the Outer (Outlaw) regions. When the scene calls, her cloak flips open and she uses her derringers with an almost divine technique in order to handle the demanding situation. While it is true that this type of gun must be easy for her small hands to handle, but can there be a better and more efficient way? Despite such concerns, she travels together with her sidekick Milly from town to town on this hot desert land.